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My friend Katy was enthusiasticallydiscussing her annual office party. The theme of her office party was a masquerade and she seemed to like it really well. There were DJ, music and food truck. But when I asked her about the photos, she could only show me the groupies and the selfies which she had captured on her phone, but none of them was clear enough. I asked her if the DJ services provided a photo booth, to which she was amazed, how can a DJ company include a photo booth.



But nowadays, DJ companies have come a very long way. The best DJ companies provide the Photo Booth Rental Edmonton so that the impromptu memories could be captured and that too on the go. So, if you are in charge to arrange the next office party do not crumble under the pressure.  Be it the reward and recognition programme or the annual Halloween party, the bottom line is that the party should have everything for everyone and ensure you book a DJ that can alsoarrange for the rental photoboothto make each memory captured and make the memories of every party stay with you forever.